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Sulfuric Acid

Technologies pioneered by NORAM have enabled sulfuric acid producers around the globe to extend the life of existing facilities, improve operating economics, and cost-effectively meet more stringent emission standards. Our capabilities encompass plant optimization and debottlenecking studies, supply of equipment, and design and engineering of integrated acid plants.

We design and supply all major equipment required in a sulfuric acid plant. Projects often start with engineering studies using proprietary flow-sheeting programs to specify new equipment or identify plant bottlenecks. Two large 2,750 MTPD acid plants delivered to the Ambatovy Nickel Project in Madagascar became the first greenfield acid plants wholly designed by NORAM to incorporate NORAM’s proprietary process and equipment platforms.

Our North American client base includes the majority of sulfuric acid producers in the fertilizer, the metallurgical and acid regeneration industries. NORAM International AB serves our European client base and markets outside North America. NORAM also has an alliance with Sedgman Limited to support the sulfuric acid industry in Australia and further afield.

Our Specialties

Acid Towers

Brick lining has traditionally been used in acid towers, as it withstands the widest possible range of acid concentrations should upset conditions occur. Our acid towers offer state-of-the-art bricking, and incorporate innovations such as a stable dished bottoms, self-supporting dome packing support, our patented CECEBE HP™ ceramic packing, and SMART™ distributor to provide uniform acid distribution without generating acid spray.

Alloy Towers

In projects where tradesmen with the necessary brick-lining skills are at a premium, silicon-containing alloys often provide the best option for acid towers. We offer alloy towers based on proven SX™ high-silicon alloy technology.

Anodically Protected Acid Coolers

NORAM acid coolers use large diameter cathodes, which minimise the voltage drop along the cathode and give more uniform passivation.


These are constructed entirely from stainless steel, which largely eliminates corrosion, while reducing maintenance requirements and extending service life. The NORAM converter can accommodate the hot gas exchanger in the center core as an option, eliminating the potentially troublesome external hot duct and hot duct connections between the first bed discharge and the hot gas exchanger

HP™ Saddle Packing

NORAM HP™ packing is made through a slip casting process which produces saddles of uniform shape within a narrow range of size tolerances. The high performance design achieves high capacity and low pressure drop. Breakage during shipping and installation has typically been less than 0.1 percent.

RF™ Radial Flow Gas Heat Exchangers

The radial geometry achieves uniformly distributed gas flow perpendicular to the exchanger tube banks, and optimised use of all heat transfer surfaces. The SF™ Split Flow option of the RF™ heat exchanger allows effective control of the tube and tubesheet temperature at the cold or hot end of the exchanger, to mitigate condensation and/or thermal stresses.

SMART™ Acid Distributors

Uniform acid distribution throughout tower cross section area, low spray generation rate.

Sulfuric Acid Re-Concentration (SARC)

NORAM has over 20 years experience designing Sulfuric Acid Concentration units covering the full range of 10wt% to 96wt% sulfuric acid.

Sulfur Burners

The Cellchem™ range of Sulfur Burners was acquired from Akzo Nobel of Sweden in 2013. This industry-leading sulfur dioxide (SO2) production technology was developed in the 1960’s to serve the Scandinavian pulp and paper industry. Since then the technology has been installed at over 180 sites worldwide at capacities typically ranging from 0.5 to 100 MTPD sulfur burned.

SX™ Valves

We supply a family of butterfly valves made in NORAM SX™ (UNS 23615) for use in hot sulfuric acid. These triple offset, Class V valves are designed for use in both control and tight shut-off applications, and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Our Projects

A wide-range of specialty equipment is supplied to the sulfuric acid aftermarket – from the industry-leading high-performance HP™ saddle packing for reduced pressure drop in towers, to the large heat exchangers, towers, and converters manufactured in our custom fabrication shops.

Two green-field 2,750 MTPD Acid Plants, designed and engineered by NORAM, and delivered to the Ambatovy Nickel Project In Madagascar.

NORAM’s modular sulfur burners are typically supplied in the size-range 0.5 to 100 MTPD, in applications as diverse as minerals processing and pulp and paper plants

The 300 MTPD SO2 plant at the copper plant in Santa Rosalia, Mexico, represents the other end of the operation scale for our SO2 production units


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